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In Movie Theaters This Weekend…

LIFE The members of the International Space Station find what is probably the most important discovery in human history… Evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. While conducting their research, things take an unexpected turn and the life form, also known as “Calvin”, proves to be more intelligent than anyone ever expected.  Now, Calvin is threatening the lives […]

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Imagine Dragons on Kimmel

Last night Imagine Dragons played their first new song of 2017 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I actually had the pleasure of running into front man Dan Reynolds at Life is Beautiful Festival in Vegas. Dan’s home town. We talked about a lot of things, but Dan did reveal that a new album would be out […]

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SmasherAndDee: Beyonce Makes A Girl’s Last Wish Come True <3

This is WHY Beyonce is #QueenBey !!!! She made a cancer patient from Houston named Ebony Bank’s dream a reality after her family and friends started a social media campaign: #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE Beyonce caught wind of the campaign and actually FACETIMED with Ebony. Check out the video here: Beyoncé facetiming with Ebony, a fan with a […]

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Shape of You VS No Scrubs

By now you’ve heard Ed Sheeran was accused of noticeable similarities between his song and TLC’s.  He hasn’t come out and exactly confirmed that “No Scrubs” influenced his song “Shape of You,” but he did just add the writers of “No Scrubs” to the song credits section of his song. Perhaps more is coming… but for now […]

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