Robin Nash (3PM-7PM)

Robin found her love for radio at Arizona State University and hasn’t looked back since! Her ties in the community, music and passions have kept her busy! Robin is an avid animal lover, owner and donates much of her time to her charity of choice Power Paws. In her free time, Robin loves to cook, explore local surroundings and relax with a glass of wine.

Playing sand volleyball, tennis & golf. I love to eat and cook. Love to try new recipes of any kind. I love to drink red wine and host dinner parties. I love to go out to restaurants of all kinds. I love to go to comedy clubs & concerts. Entertain me! I love to watch football – NFL (too many college teams to follow). I love shopping – all kinds – clothes, shoes, furniture, house stuff and lip gloss! Love coffee. I literally search out coffee shops for the best of the best then buy bags of it. I’m obsessed with bedding and my super comfy-bed. I love the beach and want to live on the beach! I love traveling to the beach. Any travel of any kind is always exciting. I love Disneyland, Disneyworld and Universal Studios and all rides of any kind. Are you setting me up here for online dating?