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New music from Selena Gomez!!!

Whatever you were expecting from Selena Gomez, this song is next level… Honestly it’s so good it’s bananas, and the song is complete fire too. So I guess that makes it bananas fire? Just listen to “Bad Liar” now. Maybe you’ll hear the Talking Heads vibes. Enjoy -Christy Taylor

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Is Selena teasing new music?

Her instagram now features 3 very cryptic posts in a row. They all say, “Bad Liar.” The writing appears to be in lipstick.  Fans are guessing this could be teasing new music… or maybe it have something to do with her relationship? Maybe it has something to do with “13 reasons why,” the nextflix series […]

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Taylor Swift is back on social media!

Taylor has been silent on social media for the past 2 months.  But today she got on instagram to promote the new single from Haim “WantYou Back.”  Haim is comprised of 3 sisters who all happen to be a part of Taylors girl squad.  I just love that she came out of hiding to support […]

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This is the ad Pepsi should have made

Apparently, a beer commercial can bring us together, while addressing sensitive topics. Where Pepsi tried and failed miserably with their attempt to touch on some hot button issues, this commercial succeeds.  It will make you feel something, or at least make you want to have a real conversation over a beer. #OpenYourWorld. You will need to […]

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