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Phoenix Forgotten

Depending on how long you have lived in the valley, you might remember the Phoenix Lights.  This is widely considered the largest UFO incident in North America.  100’s of thousands of people saw the lights in the sky and they have never been explained.  Well this new movie Phoenix Forgotten attempts to readdress what happened […]

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Julia Michaels – Issues

“Issues” is hands down my favorite song to play on Hot 97.5 and 103.9. From the very first time I heard the song on Spotify’s new music Friday playlist I was hooked. Many female pop artists seem to have a fear of dark lyrics. Sure, they sing about love and relationships, but it’s rare to […]

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Meghan Trainor on Ellen

Meghan Trainor was on the Ellen show today to promote the new smurfs movie. She actually performed the song she wrote for the film live… also you’ll probably notice that her dance moves are getting better. Enjoy- Christy Taylor video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player This is what the movie is about

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