Your Quick & Simple Review: Incredibles 2

After 14 years, the family of “Supers” has returned, and picking up right where they left off.  This time, the roles for the super parents has changed, as Elastigirl is now the one being asked to save the day, while Mr. Incredible takes on his greatest challenge, taking care of his three children.

In a movie year where live action super hero films are dominating the box office, leave it to an incredibly fun, animated, family to be the most entertaining of them all.  There is some very exciting action and comedy going on throughout the film.  And this time around we have a role reversal for Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, which I liked, that makes this movie feel more with the times.

As Elastigirl is now the main hero, there was a lot of excitement that surrounded her part in trying to bring “Supers” back into society, legally.  However, I also noticed that there were more female heros than the previous film.  Except for Sarah Vowell as Violet and Sophia Bush’s character Voyd, none of the other women hero’s had significant roles, but it was enough to make you noticed them.

Not to forget about Mr. Incredible’s new life as homemaker.  Now that was funny.  The man who is used to saving the world is now in charge of taking care of his kids and dealing with their everyday problems.  Whom he turns to for help ended up making me actually laugh out loud.

Regardless of how long it took to get us this sequel, it was definitely worth the wait, and one that you will not have to worry about if you take the kids to see it too.   So load them up and make the trip to the theaters because Incredibles 2 is A Must See Movie this weekend.