Your Quick & Simple Review: “Tag”

This is the, hard to believe, true story, of a small group of friends that for one month every year, compete in an unrestrained game of tag. The game has lasted since their childhood days and they’re willing to risk everything to keep the game going.  This time, however, the game just happens to take place at the same time the only undefeated player is getting married.  But that ends up being a minor speed bump in the all-out war to, finally, tag him.

My big concern with a movie like this, that has a big ensemble cast, is that it doesn’t give enough time for some stars to shine.  Thankfully, this was not the case at all with TAG.  Everyone had their moments, and each of them added something funny and exciting.  Isla Fisher, for me, was the big stand out.  It was like every time she had something to say it was roll on the floor funny.

Again, this is based on a true story, and as you watch, you can’t help but to wonder what was actually real.  Because some of the things they did in this film was completely outrageous.   But with a group of friends like this, it’s not hard to imagine the extremes they would go through to win.

Although it is all fun and games until someone gets hit in the face, with an office chair, the ricochets off shatter proof glass.

By far, TAG is the best comedy this summer as well as one of the best comedies this year… that makes it A Must See Movie this weekend.