Your Quick & Simple Review: “Truth Or Dare”

Olivia (Lucy Hale), Lucas (Tyler Posey) and a group of their college friends travel to Mexico for Spring Break. They meet a stranger, Carter (Landon Liboiron) convinces one of the students to play a seemingly harmless game of truth or dare with the others. But Carter, fails to mention that a demon has taken over the game and forces the friends to share dark secrets and confront their deepest fears. All they have to do it follow the rules – tell the truth or die, do the dare or die, and if you stop playing, you die.

So another young adult horror flick that will probably make more money at the box office than it cost to make.  Personally, I think that money could have been better spent on something actually entertaining but I’m sure it will make money, which will lead to another unnecessary film.

In Truth or Dare, I found that there were too many moments where they tried to create something suspenseful but just ended up giving you a slight chuckle.  The cast, in other projects, are good, however, the story here doesn’t give them a chance to display that here.

With the lack of any scary moments, this scary movie is anything but.  So, for me, Truth or Dare ends up being Not A Must See Movie.