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Monica-2020-OnAirWeekday Mornings

Monica’s radio days started in the Midwest, where she loved connecting with listeners and helping the community before lucking out and arriving in the Valley of the Sun! Waking up with great music and laughter to share makes every day interesting. Her household keeps her busy, with 3 teens, pets, and a small voice & spokesperson business.  She’s a host mom for exchange students, a substitute teacher, and community volunteer. Monica loves kids and learning new random things, like how to swim with turtles.  She is slower than they are so has shared the Tortoise and the Hare with them through a snorkel a few times. In her free time, Monica loves to cheer on her kids and their numerous teams, explore fun surroundings and get jacked up with an industrial-sized thermos of hot black coffee.

Robin-2019-937x527pxWeekdays 3pm-7pm

Robin found her love for radio at Arizona State University and hasn’t looked back since! Her ties in the community, music and passions have kept her busy! Robin is an avid animal lover, owner and donates much of her time to her charity of choice Power Paws. In her free time, Robin loves to cook, explore local surroundings and relax with a glass of wine.

RON-2019-onair-2Weekdays 10am-3pm

Ron fell in love with radio after winning his first pair of concert tickets when he was growing up and has now turned his love of winning on the radio to making winners on the radio. Ron loves the outdoors but is definitely challenged with working on outdoor home maintenance. Ron’s love for man’s best friend has led him to rescuing dogs who rescue baby birds that fall from trees during monsoon season. This has led to the discovery of the East Valley Wild Life rescue where he takes wildlife for rehabilitation. In his free time, Ron loves to cook, explore local surroundings and relax with a large $1 Coke from McDonalds.


How long have you been in the Valley? All my life in AZ, over 22 years in the Valley. What are your favorite things to do on the weekend? Sing in my band, Powerdrive. What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I filmed a movie last year, currently in production. Are you married? Do you have kids? Rocking the dog Mom and Aunt life! What’s your favorite sport to watch? Favorite sport to play? A tie between baseball and football. Favorite sport to play would be softball.