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Monica-2020-OnAirWeekday Mornings

“How Long in the Valley?
A quarter of a century! I’m vague on numbers about age, IQ, shoe size and weight as well….

Favorite things to do on the weekend?
Sleep IN!!!! Baking, cheering on kids at tournaments, day trips. Hiking, hanging with friends and family and tackling an unreasonable amount of laundry (unfortunately)…maybe it is time for me to take the Tide Pod challenge…did I mention sleeping in?

Married/ with kids?

Yep with 3 teenagers! 3 teenagers. Please remember that when you see my head spinning around.”

Robin-2019-937x527pxWeekdays 3pm-7pm

Robin found her love for radio at Arizona State University and hasn’t looked back since! Her ties in the community, music and passions have kept her busy! Robin is an avid animal lover, owner and donates much of her time to her charity of choice Power Paws. In her free time, Robin loves to cook, explore local surroundings and relax with a glass of wine.