Fans Slam Nicki Minaj & Beyonce for Releasing New Video on Tidal

Fans slammed Nicki Minaj and Beyonce for releasing their new video for “Feeling Myself“ exclusively on Tidal yesterday. The clip, which shows Minaj and Queen Bey looking fierce and acting goofy at Coachella, was only available to those who subscribed to Jay Z’s music streaming service (although a teaser was posted on YouTube). Here are 10 hilarious tweets about this incredibly First World problem:“That video looks like a breath of fresh air but I’m still NOT subscribing to TIDAL. I’m counting on y’all to come thru with the leak.”“THERE’S A MUSIC VIDEO FOR ‘FEELIN MYSELF’ WITH BEYONCE AND NICKI AND IT’S ONLY ON TIDAL THIS IS HOW JAY Z WILL MURDER ME.”“Congrats to all 9 ppl who get to exclusively watch Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj video.”“if a music video gets released on tidal…. does it really count as being released? or is it like when a tree falls in the woods…”“Future historians will link the total breakdown of social order in 2015 to [JAY Z’S] refusal to share Bey x Nicki with the world.”“When ‘Feeling Myself’ drops on tidal and your 30 days are up.”“This is like when apple ’gave’ us the free U2 album, except the exact opposite.”“@Beyonce MOM, JAY-Z IS GOING TO TEAR THE HIVE APART.”“Anybody with tidal on their phone is illuminati.”“Somebody be a friend and leak the Feeling Myself video.”

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